2L Bladder Water Bag Hydration Backpack

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Product Overview


  • This professional military water Bladder Bag is made from high quality  non-toxic transparent TPU Material, safe to use .
  • Strong hydrolysis resistance,  antimicrobial properties, high strength, durable &  reusable water bag for long lasting use, economic and eco-friendly.
  • Foldable design,  easy to be put into pockets, backpacks or briefcases. Perfect for  hiking, climbing, riding, cycling, climbing, field exploration and other outdoor activities.



  • Non-toxic half-transparent TPU bag , full sealing process
  • Strong compressive resistance, anti- abrasion.
  • Store water from  -20 to 50 degree Celsius.
  • Foldable design, easy to carry.
  • User  friendly design, Hands free water bladder.


Why choose it?

  1. Silica gel sealing gasket in the cap to prevent leakage.
  2. Half-transparent design with measurement markings,
  3. easy-to-read measurements on the bladder
  4. 8.2cm/ 3.23inch diameter big mouth, easy for  water  injection and cleaning.
  5. 100cm/39.37inch slimy water pipe with water switch
  6. easy to drink water and avoid water seepage and leakage.

How to use:
Just pull out the water switch , unplug the cap, then gently bite the mouthpiece of the pipe, there will be fresh water injecting to your mouth. After drinking, let go of the mouthpiece, it will automatically close, completely free your hands.


1.Before filling the bag with water, pls clean it with dish washing soap and water.
2. In case of leakage, please do not fill the bag with milk, juice or wine.


Material: TPU(thermoelectric plastic polyurethane plastic)
Color: Military Green
Weight: 200g / 7ounce
Component Materials:
Outlet: TPU
Suction pipe: PVC,  100cm/39.37inch
Suction nozzle: Silicone gel
Size: 36 x 17.5cm / 14.2x 6.7inch (L x W)
Mouth diameter: 8.2cm/ 3.23inch
Capacity: 2 L

1 x 2L Water Bladder Bag


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review